pop-up espresso bar

Admit it, you’re a coffee snob. At least we think you should be because everyone deserves a great cup of coffee as much as a great glass of wine (or beer, we’re not judging). That’s why we created Hedge Coffee, a pop-up espresso bar with an excellent taste, strong attitude and sexy vibe. Hedge Coffee lives in San Francisco, but travels a lot in the Bay Area. It can be seen at parties, festivals, food shows, and business meetings. And many other places too ‘cause, like true San Franciscan, it needs to be everywhere meeting wonderful people like you. 



what's cooking?


cold brew

drip & pourover



let's hang out

Hedge Coffee will be pulling perfect shots all over the San Francisco Bay Area staring 12/15/2015. If you're about to throw a party or talk business with your clients, it's time to bring your caffeine game to the new level. To place an order or just to say hello, shoot us an email or give us a call. 


415.702.8531   I   415.216.3732